John Abrams has a rich history of performing nationwide in numerous venues as a magician, actor, and emcee.  As an actor and graduate of the Manhattan Theatre Academy of Dramatic Arts, John has been gracing the stages of Southern California for the past 22 years with a multitude of characters.  He has played the title roles in The Elephant Man and Red Ryder, as well as leads in Private Wars, The Actor’s Nightmare, Enter Laughing, Wizard of Oz, and many more.  From 1991 to 1998 he traveled the U.S. as a member of the “Jeff Parmer Magic Show”. 

    For three years John and his wife Shelley co-produced and directed the raging 60’s revue “The Pastelles’ 60’s Rock N Roll Extravaganza” in which John sang, danced, and performed stand-up as the wacky nerd Eugene.  For 3 years he was a performing member of “Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery” and “Mystery Event Theatre”, being stabbed, shot, and maimed on a nightly basis.
   Throughout the 90’s, he starred in national and international commercials for Virginia Slims, Independent Insurance, and many more.  His film credits include a starring role as Charlie Chaplin in the Chaplin Biography for Japan.  On T.V. John was seen recently in “To Tell the Truth” as The Banana Man and Comedy Central‘s “Please Don‘t Feed the Comedians“.
John now makes his living as a Full Time Professional Entertainer.  His love for both kids and animals gave him the idea to combine the two with ANIMAL MAGIC, a show that educates, inspires and entertains “children of all ages” with comedy, magic & live exotic pets.  John’s recently performed for Daryl Hannah, Tommy Lee, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, and Natasha Henstridge, just to name a few.  His regular clients include Ronald McDonald House, Mattel, Landmark Realty, Honda, Toyota, Boy Scouts of America, LAUSD, Los Angeles & Orange County Library Systems, Office Depot and many more.  John now performs about 400 (I know it sounds crazy, and it is) Animal Magic shows a year and loves every minute of it.  His finest role is as father to his two daughters, Juna and Lily.

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John is the busiest family entertainer in all of Southern California.  Doing over 400 shows a year, John's calendar fills very quickly.  To contact John to book an Amazing Animal Magic Birthday Extravaganza click here.  Do it right now, while your thinking about it to make sure you get the time and date that you want.  Contact Now!

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