Is your birthday child between the ages of 5 and 11? Are you looking for something unique? Something that no other entertainer in the OC offers? Something that your child will remember for the rest of his or her life?

   Well, you’ve come to the right place!

   It’s John Abrams’ Animal Magic Show! With so many options for children’s birthday parties these days, how do you decide? Well I’m here to help! My name is John Abrams and I’ve performed literally 1000’s of birthday parties and love every minute of it.

   There are so many surprises and there is no better feeling than seeing the surprise on your child’s face when the magic begins!

“I have had so many calls and emails saying it was the best children’s party ever!
Loved the non-stop action, sound effects and the animals!”
Jill Jones - Newport Coast

   And You Won’t Have to Lift a Finger! We make it as easy as possible. We supply the magic, the comedy, the live exotic pets, the FULL SOUND SYSTEM and a boatload of fun. You supply the audience and a place to plug in. That’s it. No hassle. No problem.

Bonus - Bonus - Bonus

   Right after the show, each child will receive a giant dollar bill that has 5 magic tricks on the back that they can do with their parents. Everyone goes home with a souvenir of the show! Best of all, they’re absolutely FREE.

What is The Animal Magic Show?

   It’s a Hilarious, High Energy, Age Appropriate MAGIC SHOW with all Live Exotic Pets. Through MAGIC, MUSIC, AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION and LIVE CRITTERS, your guests will be mesmerized and laugh ‘til they’re ready to burst!

And Your Child Is the Star of his or her own Birthday Magic Show…

   Yep. Everybody is involved, but your child (if he/she is not too shy) is the star. Your child will be the assistant in the magic and make all sorts of critters appear right before their very eyes. The star of the show!!

“Thank you so much for performing at Lauren’s birthday. She loved every minute!
All the little girls are still talking about it! Thanks for making her so happy.”
Suzanna Richter - Newport Beach

What kind of animals are in the show?

   This isn’t your tired old rabbit out-of-the-hat magic show. Although we do have a bunny for those kids who love them, we also do magic with a Dove, Chinchilla, Hedgehog, Tarantula, Ball Python, Tortoise, Goldfish and more. Each show is customized to your child’s age. Age appropriate magic with age appropriate animals.

You have critters. Is it safe for my guests?

   Absolutely. Safe for the children, your guests, AND the animals. The critters are constantly handled with care and there’s never been an incident. Fascinating, fun and safe.

“The adults loved it as much as the kids! Thank you for making the day truly memorable.”
Min Ji Clark - Santa Ana

Two Great Packages to Choose From

With two terrific packages to choose from, there’s something for everybody on every budget.

The SILVER Package - Comes with the 45 Minute Magic Show with 5 Live Animals.

The GOLD Package - Comes with everything in the Silver package PLUS up to an additional 30 minutes for your guests to TOUCH AND PET THE ANIMALS THAT THEY JUST SAW IN THE SHOW. That’s right, they’ll be able to pet the bunny, put a snake around their neck, check out the chinchilla up-close-and-personal and more. Amazing photo ops that you’ll keep on the fridge for many years to come.

A magic show and a hands-on experience. Wow!

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at my…

Double Your Money Back Guarantee

   That’s right. You read that correctly. If you, your guests and your birthday child are not completely thrilled with my show, then your show is absolutely free AND I will refund the deposit PLUS send you a check for an additional hundred dollars just for giving me the opportunity to be of service… Guaranteed!!



Ok John, Everything Sounds Great, Now HOW DO I BOOK IT?

   Since most birthday parties fall on the weekend, dates and times are very limited. And the truth is, because of that limited availability, I turn down more shows than I do. I WANT TO MAKE SURE YOU GET THE TIME AND DATE THAT YOU WANT. So, as soon as you know the date and time, contact me by clicking right here. Or just give me a call at 714-283-3832.

I’m excited about making your child’s birthday the BEST EVER!

Contact John Now!
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Phone: 310-989-4348

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