John Abrams... "Animal Magician" to the Stars!

Charles Fleischer - The Voice of Roger Rabit!



Tommy Lee & Daryl Hannah


Going Banana's w/ Meschak Taylor (Designing Women), The Real Banana Man & John O'Hurley (Sienfield)

Tommy Lee secures the straight jacket before John Takes a plunge...

After Shooting a segment on "To Tell the Truth"



Dr. Laura Schlessinger & Shamrock


Gene LaBell


w/ John after performing her 'My Stuff Bags" Benefit...

shakes the doves out of John's shirt at the Hollywood Stuntman Annual Picnic



Hangin' with Pauley Shore & Chili the Chinchilla


Butch Hartman

After performing at Animal Planet's "Please Don't Feed the Comedians!"

(Creator/Director/Producer - Fairly Odd Parents)
Hangin out in front of his Fairly Odd Parents bouncer after a show for his family



Which one is the Clown?


Natasha Henstridge (Species)


The actress shared a species of a different kind at her party



Mike Christian


Victoria Tennant (L.A. Story)

"Flexing his muscles with the former Mr. Universe"


Actress and former wife of Steve Martin at her house party

Remember Sha Na Na...


Judy Tenuda


The kids at the Ronald McDonald House will never forget!


serenades Shamrock as Bud Friedman of "The Improv" looks on...

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