John Abrams' Animal Magic Show!

What age is appropriate for the program?

The program is appropriate for ages 4 and up.  The magic is strong enough to hold the attention of the older children, yet gentle enough for the young ones.  EVERY SHOW IS CUSTOMIZED FOR YOUR CHILDRENS' AGE GROUP!  This means that your children get the absolute best and most appropriate program.


Do you offer discounts for multiple shows?

Absolutely!  If you order multiple programs in the same place on the same date (within a reasonable time between programs) you will absolutely, positively receive a tremendous discount.


Will you need a microphone or stereo system?

We supply the Mic, the Music System, and everything that goes along with it.  All we need is a place to plug in (we also come equipped with a 100 foot extension chord if needed).


Is there a limit to the number of children that can experience the program at one time?

We only limit the number of audience members to what you are comfortable with.  For example, some schools only have room for half of their students in one venue.  Some schools like to have smaller groups so the program is more intimate.  We will work with your comfort level.  The only time we have limits is during the "Hands-On!".  Give John a call for limitations on any "Hands-On" package.


You say you use animals in the program. Is it safe?

Absolutely again!  We raise and train our animals from babies. They are my family pets!  Once an animal appears in a crazily (is that a word) fun way,  it is put in it's specially designed traveling cage so there are never any accidents.


There will be lots of parents at the show.  Is it appropriate and entertaining for parents too?

Parents have a terrific time!  Not only are they amazed and amused by the magic & comedy, but they love seeing their children participate in the program!


Do you offer any fundraising incentives or discounts?

If you are interested in saving a few bucks, make sure you ask me about our "Magic Book Program!".  It's a way of making some extra money for your school, while at the same time offering something to the parents that the kids will love.  At the end of the program, I WRITE YOU A CHECK!


Do you ever hire out any other magician to perform the program?

NEVER!  I've worked very hard on every aspect of my programs.  I want to make sure you get the highest quality program possible.  That's why I do each and every performance personally.  You should never have to settle for second best!


What is the best way to go about booking the program?

It's sooooo easy.  Call me at 714-283-3832 immediately. Do not hesitate! (I'm not kidding about my calendar filling up fast).  We'll spend about 5 minutes on the phone exchanging information.  I'll send you out a performance agreement and we're done.  Quick, simple & professional!

 I'm looking forward to making your events magical and unforgettable.

 John Abrams

 To contact John to find out prices and book a show.....

John is the busiest family entertainer in all of Southern California.  Doing over 400 shows a year, John's calendar fills very quickly.  To contact John to book an Amazing Animal Magic Birthday Extravaganza click here.  Do it right now, while your thinking about it to make sure you get the time and date that you want.  Contact Now!

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